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Narratives have taken on an entirely new meaning since being introduced to digital platforms. In my Digital storytelling class, we were prompted by our professor to create a digital fictional story. It had to be interactive, immersive, and about all participatory. The overall theme of the story of Tim and The Killer Klover is fear, and how fear dictates certain aspects of our lives. I hope you enjoy the story and find yourselves learning a thing or two.

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Home Run

The unexpected happened, Tim made his way onto the field and hit the ball so hard that he was able to make a home run. Since that day he has been an unreckoned force for the Klovers. He did not let his fear stop him nor did he let it determine what he could or could not do. TRod as he is known now is the best player the Klovers has ever had. He has made the team stronger. Tim now uses his fears to push him instead of letting them inhibit what he can or cannot do.
It is easy to let our fears control who we are and what we do but just like Tim it is important to face these fears. It is important to not let our fears control who we are or determine what we can do. This is often times easier said than done but we can only try to recognize our fears and push ourselves to be better than them. Remember living means being fearless.

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