A Little Background Infomation

Narratives have taken on an entirely new meaning since being introduced to digital platforms. In my Digital storytelling class, we were prompted by our professor to create a digital fictional story. It had to be interactive, immersive, and about all participatory. The overall theme of the story of Tim and The Killer Klover is fear, and how fear dictates certain aspects of our lives. I hope you enjoy the story and find yourselves learning a thing or two.

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Third Inning

Due to Marys incredibly monstrous acts, she no longer plays for the Klovers and Tim is asked to be captain by his teammates to be captain (which for Tim is both a moment of triumph and a moment of fear). Tim does not know what to do; he is scared, paranoid, and above all doubtful that he will be able to fulfil his obligations as Team captain. He is unsure he will be able to help them win the playoffs although Mary was never able to. He is timid about his ability and does not know whether he is the right fit for the position.

What will Tim do?