A Little Background Infomation

Narratives have taken on an entirely new meaning since being introduced to digital platforms. In my Digital storytelling class, we were prompted by our professor to create a digital fictional story. It had to be interactive, immersive, and about all participatory. The overall theme of the story of Tim and The Killer Klover is fear, and how fear dictates certain aspects of our lives. I hope you enjoy the story and find yourselves learning a thing or two.

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Tim The Titan and The Killer Klovers

Opening Day

Its opening day of the season at the Killer Klovers home stadium and Coach Carter is
giving everyone his "Lets do this!" speech to the team, the smell of popcorn and hotdogs fill the air. Supportive parents are yelling and sisters and downing their heads with excitment to see their little brothers play. We see Tim Rod who is a newcomer to the game--his story is an underdog story. TRod has made a name for himself with the Klovers after snatching the team captain spot despite his fear of leadership.

Lets Take it back to the Day it all began
First Inning