A Little Background Infomation

Narratives have taken on an entirely new meaning since being introduced to digital platforms. In my Digital storytelling class, we were prompted by our professor to create a digital fictional story. It had to be interactive, immersive, and about all participatory. The overall theme of the story of Tim and The Killer Klover is fear, and how fear dictates certain aspects of our lives. I hope you enjoy the story and find yourselves learning a thing or two.

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First Inning

Since Tim could hold his a bat he has wanted to play for the Killer Klover Baseball team. Every year when tryouts began he went to the stadium ready in all of his gear. But each year his fear of letting his teammates down has kept him from trying out. The year of 2016 would be different, Tim was determined. He woke up supeeeeeeeer early, had a HUGE breakfast, and ran to the stadium-- where he was the first to sign up on the sheet. As players got to the stadium one after the other Tim began to feel his stomach girgle with that familar fear. His palms begin to sweat, his mouth becomes dry, his knees become weak and he loses his ability to hold a bat.

What does Tim Do?