A Little Background Infomation

Narratives have taken on an entirely new meaning since being introduced to digital platforms. In my Digital storytelling class, we were prompted by our professor to create a digital fictional story. It had to be interactive, immersive, and about all participatory. The overall theme of the story of Tim and The Killer Klover is fear, and how fear dictates certain aspects of our lives. I hope you enjoy the story and find yourselves learning a thing or two.

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Second Inning

The season began and Tim was benched for his inability to hit the ball. He could play but the fear of being the one who couldn't slide into the home plate, or catch the ball, or hit the ball,so coach Carter had no choice but to leave him on the bench and name him official playbook keeper. Tim was defeated and angered because he knew he could do a better job. Mary Mullings on the other hand was not scared. She was the team captain and somewhat of a bully. She frightened everyone with monster ways but you could never tell because Mary was the type to play the innocent card always. She picked on the team, yelled at them and made them feel like they weren't good enough until they started to play like it. No one stood up to her. No one had every dared said anything to her. Until one day, Mary pushed Bux. Bux was Tim's best friend. And that's when everything changed. Tim saw the argument with Mary and Bux get louder and louder. He saw Mary step closer to Bux and it was at that moment Tim knew he had to do something because Bux needed him.

What did Tim do?